The Human Body

(This was originally written on 13-01-2022)

You inhibit your body for at least one lifetime. Your body grow as time passes and as it gets the right nutrition from your parents sometimes and from nature. you utilize your body to exist and coexist with other bodies around you, be it, in your family, small community and the bigger society. You have discovered multitude of functions that our bodies can and cannot perform. You have discovered multitude of cures to diseases that could have once extinguished the Human Body. And you have created multitude of objects, materials, gases, consumption products and the list goes further, that harm, destruct and cause long term illnesses and illnesses in the long term to the Human Body. Yet, you have existed for roughly few hundreds of thousands of years and have managed to maintain the survival of your body for all that time. Considering all the dangers that inhibit our planet and fest in every corner of it, it has been a miraculous survival for The Human Body.

Your body has served you in spite of the difficulties that you have faced: Wars, famine, hunger, plague, malnutrition, massacres, abuse of the food chain, abuse of the supply chain reaching to today’s crisis: The abuse of the food system, oil prices, pandemic, and lingering regional and subregional wars in different parts of our planet. And how tiny are you (and all of us) when you zoom out away from this planet?!
As you look into your body, you might want to check with yourself if you have been mistreating this complex bio-machine that has been serving you all these years. In recent years, we (the human kind) have caused much harm to it that our ancestors have in thousands of years. Watch how adults and children are accustomed to consuming sugar, chocolate, syrups, artificial juices, nuggets, burgers, fries, meat, chicken, fish, vegetables in vast amounts. Watch how adults and children consume media of all its sorts and forms, video games and other digital materials in unprecedented rates.

Everything you experience, feel, touch, interact and speak with, to and against, every thought, feeling, emotion, every situation, circumstance, every breath you take, every gesture you receive or do not receive, every blink of an eye, every sip of a water, every chew, every piece of bread – literally – your whole existence within a single life in this current body, shapes who you are, what you do, when do you become, how do you become and give a complete logical explanation on why have you become the moment we manifest.

From that moment onward, you are reliant on your parents or guardians. As you grow up, you have an opportunity to break patterns that you once experienced as unhelpful, harmful or negative. As adults, once children, you require the mental capacity and consciousness to change patterns, themes and breakthrough within yourself first. Without adapting changing in your behavior, you cannot see the change in the world. To get to adapt a change in your behavior, mental processes, themes, and try to see it in the world, you might want to start turning on the lights in places that you are not very comfortable and see what comes up? What do you want to see changing? What do you think could have gone better in your life up until now? And what questions based on your current life have you, that keep you busy?

This is a great opportunity to break the patterns and commit a change within yourself. Start there. Small change does not exist. Every change you make requires a great deal of consciousness and determination to understand where the problem comes from, how you experience it as a problem and why and what do you need to do to change your situation.

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