Why do you do the things you do?

What is it that makes you tick? Where does it come from? How do you interact with it? These are good questions to begin with. To get to these questions, you want one key ingredient: consciousness. You might have heard thousands if not millions of times the word consciousness and subconsciousness but what is it really? Is it that you are conscious when you wake up in the morning that you are awake? Are you really aware that another day has come and you are part of this day? Part of the peoples’ lives who surround you? Your husband, partner, kids, mother, father, grandfather, grandmother, uncle, aunt and so on?

This is one physical consciousness that you might be aware of it, the question is: Do you acknowledge it every day to yourself when you wake up? Do you make yourself consciously realize that (1) it is a new day for you (2) it is a new day for you and you are playing a role in other peoples’ lives (3) it is a new day for you, you are playing a role in other people’s lives and you are conscious about it?

Once you become conscious of these three fold steps it seems that you become more conscious of the role you are going to play in your life. How do you want to be seen? Who do you want to interact with and how do you want to spend your time today? And with whom? You get to decide your actions, your reactions and your own plan for today. One important question you want to ask yourself is: What is it that I want for myself today and how am I going to make this day slightly better for everyone else around me including myself?

But then, you will fail. And you will fail again and again. Maybe you might start getting some wins after few consecutive days of practicing this. But the failures will remain much more than the wins. It is not magic. It is just being human. And being human means you possess an unlimited unused powers within yourself that you are taught since you are born how not to use it.

How have you been taught not to use your powers you might wonder? Well, for starters, most of parents (I speak in plural now) have limited our abilities to create and their abilities to co-create with us. You have been raised in a limiting environment where clothes, religion, the fear from a supernatural power, the education system, the governing systems of your society have limited you greatly. You have been taught as children to be shameful of your own body by laying on layers of clothes on top of your skin to hide the “shame” and how shameful is that. You have been taught that “good students” are those who score with As and Bs but not those who score with Cs and Ds. Parents reward their kids for good grades but not decent behavior and good social skills and then you end up in a society that has very little morals and a lot of great brains used for worsening their societies. This is the limitation I am talking about here. Generations after generations have been raised on: I come first, you come second – rather than we can all coexist in harmony and we can all come in first collectively.

What is hindering you from crossing over that bridge? What is hindering you from consciously waking up in the morning to realize that (1) it is a new day for you (2) it is a new day for you and you are playing a role in other peoples’ lives (3) it is a new day for you, you are playing a role in other people’s lives and you are conscious about it?
Becoming aware of your hindrances is a key element towards (1) personal growth & development (2) realizing that these hindrances stand between leading a happy life versus continuing your life in suffering (3) stepping into a stage in your life where you feel unburdened by your past. What and/or who is hindering you? This is a very important question to ask yourself. And the most important question to ask yourself in this process is: Am I aware I am being hindered?

Without realizing you are being hindered, it is like searching for one grain of sand at the beach. You will not know what are you looking for and even if you find it, you won’t realize you have found it. Then what? You might ask. Well, consciously wake up in the morning to realize that (1) it is a new day for you (2) it is a new day for you and you are playing a role in other peoples’ lives (3) it is a new day for you, you are playing a role in other people’s lives and you are conscious about it? And then, wait for yourself to fail. When you fail, start investigating, where did I fail today? How did I fail today? With who did I fail today? And also celebrate your wins: Where did I win today? How did I win today? With who did I win today? Make a journal out of it. In few weeks time, look at the past days and start figuring out: Where did you fail? Where did you win? With who did you fail? With who did you win? How did you fail? And how did you win?

Listen to the voice within you. At this stage, you have to start trusting that voice that guides you and runs these thoughts and intuitive waves your mind sends you to common sense and the sound of reason within you. You will start finding patterns of who you win and who you fail with. Where and how are you failing and winning. This is being conscious about your day and about the incidents that happen in your day. Your day, is not dull and boring unless: You see no one and/or talk to no one and/or have zero thoughts all through out the day. This means, every day is eventful even if you have stayed in bed all day long without having to talk to anyone. The watch out is to keep your trust in your own intuition and thoughts in check – This is called watch the watcher. Make sure you always doubt check these intuitions and leading thoughts with yourself before acting on it.

Once you have started to realize your themes and patterns of where you win and where you lose, you will start having questions being raised by your mind (probably): Why do I do the things I do with the people I do them with? How can I become better as an individual and how can I enhance my life standards of being with myself and with others? You wouldn’t want to be mad at people around you 24/7 because this does not bring you happiness, nor does it bring them happiness. You wouldn’t want to be picking fights with your colleagues, husband, wife, neighbors, children, friends or whoever it is because this won’t bring you or them any happiness. Well, then, how do you want to lead your life? What are these triggers and why do you do the things you do?
Take a breath. Realize you are breathing in and then out. And see what comes up. You hold the power to change your mindset, your mind, thoughts and how to continue in this very short life of yours. It’s just 80 years, if we are lucky.

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