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When was it the last time you have had a calm moment for yourself and asked yourself: What is keeping me from realizing what I really want? Maybe, you have had this moment for yourself, and that is fair. When was the last time you have had a calm moment for yourself and asked yourself what is keeping me from realizing what I want? This time, without finding excuses for example: my job is too busy, my kids drive me crazy, my wife asks too much of me, my boyfriend occupies my time and so on… you get the drill. Take the excuses away from the answer and look what is left.

Usually, when you take out the excuses from the answer of this question, you end up with nothing to say because what is stopping you from realizing what you want are the thoughts that you have created to sabotage your own happiness. And why would you want to do that you might ask? These are some potential reasons:

(1) you might lack some self love – learning how to love yourself is essential for your development. You want to understand that you as an individual are perfect the way you are in your essence. What has been shaping how you behave, interact with others and impact your own life and other peoples’ lives is the ignorance you have been living in for all your life. Partly, you are responsible for it and partly you were not taught to love yourself as an individual.

(2) lack of consciousness that is interconnected with the lack of self love. The lack of consciousness of your own thoughts, interactions with yourself and with others and the flowing thoughts within your mind, drive you to go all your life on auto-pilot. One day, you wake up feeling down and maybe they will diagnose you with depression and prescribe a pill for you. And then, what will a pill do for you if you remain in your ignorant state? Maybe a temporary relief that you will need to increase its intake dosage every few years or so. The core problem remains unsolved. Lack of consciousness can also be so severe that you suffer day in and day out, without really realizing that you are suffering or ignoring the big elephant in the room because it might be too big to handle and live the rest of your life suffering, unhappy without reach to the roots of the problem.

(3) You do not believe that you deserve to be saved (by asking for help from a professional or from your own self). This is a result of severe lack of self love stemming from severe negligence or other circumstances that you have passed through.
You might ask yourself as you read this, what is really self love? Well, self love is realizing that you deserve to be happy and you want to achieve that without harming the people that surround you (family, friends, colleagues… as examples). Realizing that you deserve to be happy and the belief that you can accomplish it is essential. At the same time, you also want to realize that pure happiness does not exist on its own and this we will discuss as a different topic. You deserve to be happy. Happiness as a state of being and not momentary pleasures of drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, extreme shopping, video gaming, sports and other materials and actions that you might be tricking yourself with.

Going back to self-love and the impact of realizing how important it is for you to reach a deep understanding with yourself that you are entitled as an individual to love yourself and lead yourself on the way to a happy state of being while realizing that happiness alone as an ingredient of living and is not all that there is but on the contrary exists in a delicate balance with other ingredients. Self-love and taking steps to understand your life, wants and needs and also understand the people that surround you, their lives, wants and needs is as important to establish an environment of conscious beings around you.

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