The Everlasting Seeking Syndrome

This is a personal inspection of what I have seen happening within the “personal development” realm and can be overlayed by my own opinions, interpretation and analysis from my own lens. Take it with a pinch of salt. Not too seriously.

When I began my personal development journey six years ago, I was a fresh dough ready to be molded into any shape. What I soon realized that some practitioners have been on the same courses or maybe different courses for many several years. Some have already planned their whole year ahead on different courses, trainings, meet ups… The question that was triggering me constantly when I listen to their stories was: Am I going to lead the same road? How will personal development be for me? The main trigger for this question was the feeling I got from the different groups that I have encountered: The restlessness and always on the look on “who is going to bring me the knowledge to fix my…” and “what training will I be joining next to fix my…”. The actual topic did not matter, the approach did.

Soon, I came to understand that by looking outward for answers for our own traumas, family problems, relationship troubles, we refuse and resist to look at our own wisdom. Have you ever looked downward at your own bellybutton?

To realize that you are capable as a conscious human being to tap into the knowledge you need to address what is causing you trouble in your life requires a certain level of personal development and consciousness towards your body and mind. It is essential to recenter yourself on that train track and utilize the tools that remind you of your internal wisdom. Then, what happens when you keep wanting to be handheld during the process? (By following numerous development courses and gurus…)

Your wisdom will serve your need to develop and become better both physically and mentally. Others’ wisdom will serve them to become better both physically and mentally. The process to tap into that wisdom can be taught and learned. Wisdom itself cannot be taught nor learned.

When you continuously seek other people’s wisdom, you refuse to realize that you too have wisdom dedicated to you and that’s when you become an everlasting seeker and that’s where the everlasting seeking syndrome comes from. Your own self image is shaken by life experiences and traumas that might have directly or indirectly impacted your ability to trust, that within yourself, lie all the answers that you are looking for. That you are worthy of trust, love and compassion. That you hold wisdom naturally within you. That answers, will only come to you when you tap into this wisdom, otherwise you’re tangled in that everlasting seeking syndrome that won’t get you everlasting satisfaction.

Naturally, a calf will stop feeding on its mother’s milk when it’s independent enough to source for its own food and has received the right amount of nutrients for its development. Nature, also has answers for us.

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