Is it going to eventually go wrong when it’s going right?

When was the last time you felt satisfied with yourself, capabilities, perfections and imperfections? Have you ever embraced yourself? Well, if you haven’t continue reading.

Growing up requires great mental and emotional effort to breakthrough towards real emotional and mental adulthood and maturity. But, growing up is also hindered by situations and circumstances that adapt our conditionality to certain perceived patterns. Such patterns start off as defense mechanisms and eventually when we -must- let them go to breakthrough we find ourselves codependent on them that we cannot let them go.

The lens with which we view the world around us is created early on in our life. What happens when that lens is not positive or builds on hope, hard work and perseverance for a happier better life? Being disappointed early on in your life can lead for a reoccurring pattern of avoiding disappointment in your life by initiating the disappointing circumstance (situation, choice, breakup, quitting a good job where you feel happy….).

Imagine you are having a great time with your current partner. It’s been going well for the past six months but you are not used to things going well in your life. Every time you see it going well, you end it, find an excuse to end your relationship or simply flee. After six month, you sit with your partner and tell them “I’m afraid it’s not going so well and this is not what I had in mind for our relationship”. You become vague and unreasonable for your partner. But it could also be that you go about this subconsciously where you sabotage your relationship by being infidel or breaking the essence of the unspoken contract you have had with your partner… the form can be of any shape… Afterwards you have achieved a sense of relief because you have -once again- shielded yourself from potentially becoming disappointed.

But then what? Do you intend to proceed with your life ducking from disappointments? Tough situations? Or do you want to face your childhood memories and experiences (in some cases they are traumatic) and look into the world with a more hopeful manner seeking roads for your happiness?

As far as we all know, we can definitely rule that we have relatively limited time to live. The question to ask yourself is: How do I want to live my life considering the time you have left to live? And how are you going to embrace all experiences you will encounter to break through and grow both mentally and emotionally?

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