What do you do with all that freedom?

When you embark on a personal development journey, you begin to untangle all what’s been tangled over the years. Some moments are difficult, some are worrying, some are hopeful and some are mind triggering! When you untangle knots 🪢 within yourself, a big space is created within you. It can feel unsettling… it can create anxiousness… it is a mold, a fresh dough, you get to make it what you want it to be. This is called freedom.

What was once a cage trapping your feelings towards a certain experience in your life is now liberated and released leaving behind it a vastness of space within you. What you do with this space, how you shape it, is up to you.

The feeling of this vast space within you after a realization can be perceived as an unsettled feeling, maybe even boredom! Of course, you are not used to being worry-free, sadness-free and maybe to the extent of bitter-free or any other feeling your caged thoughts might have created over the years. And that is fine! Imagine yourself as a bird, living in a cage for so many years, and suddenly the door is open 🚪(the journey of course is different as you have put time, energy and love towards yourself into your personal development! But the result could be similar). First you might want to explore what is out there? Or maybe you want to enjoy the feeling, be with it. Live with it and accept it as it is. You are open to the world, more sensitive because you have liberated yourself from your blockage. It could be that you want to sit in peace with it for a while. This is also an option!

The watch out is to accept that you can be sadness-free, worry-free or bitter-free… and enjoy the transformation that is taking place within you. This transformation, and your own liberation from blockage (in some instances traumatic experiences) is freedom. And that’s how freedom feels like ⛅️!

Lastly, allow yourself to be. Thoughts might arise with “yeah but”, acknowledge them, and let them be, they too will pass. Until you have figured out your next knot, this is free time for you to enjoy! Consider it a recess until reach your next milestone to conquer within yourself!

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