What does it feel like to be in the presence of yourself?

I’m this blog I will commit myself to the short answer than the longer one. For the first instance, when you’re alone, sitting on the sofa in your living room, you want to grab your mobile, check some emails, see who has texted you, what is happening on social media or turn on the television. This is normal. We all do it. It could also be that you grab a magazine, a book, or any other distraction from yourself.

The question that you might want to ask yourself is: why do you do that? Boredom for sure comes in the first position. If you look closer at yourself and give some minutes to sit with you, then you will realize that you’re not getting bored at all. For starters, your mind is a thought machine, it will keep you entertained (not that that’s very healthy, but still you’re spending time alone). And down that line of thoughts you will have feelings, maybe develop emotions, and find some answers you’ve been looking for or unknowingly stuck on.

Sitting with yourself is essential for regrouping and seeing where you are at in your life journey, reset your priorities based on how you feel your life is heading and recenter to lead your life from your heart (see my previous blog I talk more on that).

To answer the title of this post, it all depends on how you want to feel about it. Sometimes, accepting unsettling feelings is a way to go through feelings that have been not dealt with over the years and from there you begin to release these burdens you feel in your heart and on your shoulders. Be graceful onto yourself. You deserve it.

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