You want an easy life? Try playing a video game with no purpose!

When you are stuck and find your every day life “too difficult” try escaping for few hours to play a video game. Try a very easy video game, maybe a mobile game. See how your level of interest plunges as your knowledge of this simple game increases. When your level of interest plunges, you’ll end up eventually deleting the App from your mobile. Well, in life, it’s almost exactly the same.

How interested are you in your own life? And to what extent are you being challenged? If you’re spending your days counting the seconds, then you’re probably mentally under-stimulated. If you’re in a job you don’t really like or not challenging enough and choose to stay for “safety”, you’re probably mentally under-stimulated. If your wife or husband or partner doesn’t trigger you in ways that’ll help you grow, then you’re probably mentally under-stimulated. If the video game you’re playing isn’t challenging enough, you’ll throw it away and buy a new one.

But, what will you do with your own life situation? Especially, if many factors mentally under-stimulate you at the same time?

Change your situation. Easier said than done. Embracing change, taking risks (smart risks – calculated ones) can help you change your situation to the better. It starts by figuring out what do you really want? Set a priority list and move gradually through it. Maybe you might want to develop new skills, learn new profession, shift to a new expertise or find ways to mentally stimulate your partner and transform your relationship. Whatever it is, you have the power and the answers to your own questions! It all takes effort and commitment from you to you to make it happen.

Finding your purpose in life is not a simple answer you’ll get by just asking. It is a realization that you will come to realize in time, after you have done the legwork. Legwork for your life purpose realization does not come through utilizing your intellect but rather from your heart. It takes time, patience and giving yourself a bit of grace, love and tenderness to eventually work yourself to that realization.

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