What does leading your life from your heart actually mean?

Let’s take the fluff out of the language used in many blog posts. What do coaches or other professionals mean when they ask you: Are you leading your life from your heart?

There’s a good difference between allowing your intellect to constantly over analyze your situation with your partner, wife, husband, colleagues, family, and with how you really feel about the situation. This difference differentiates from which position you lead your life.

I promised no fluff. Here it is:

As an individual, you are an extremely powerful entity when you lead your life from your heart. From a place where you are in touch with your feelings. You check in with yourself on how you feel, what makes you feel the way you feel and how are you going to consider your surroundings as you go about your feelings.

Leading your life from your heart is the most selfless thing you can do.

Being in touch with your feelings means, acknowledging when you are happy and flourishing and when you are sad and hurt. Once you become aware of these states, you can choose to behave in an adult manner towards the source of these feelings rather than go into child behavior (gossip, plotting, victimhood, helplessness and so on…).

Leading your life from your heart means showing love towards yourself and also your surroundings and forgoing judgement onto yourself and your surroundings. By forgoing judgement and opinionated stances you remove a huge burden off your shoulder. And you choose to focus and live in that moment with that present existing feeling, whatever it is.

So what is living your life from your heart?

Being in touch with your feelings rather than your state of mind, acknowledging using your intellect your feelings and realizing that these feelings are all generated from within you. Choosing to deal with your feelings from an adult manner, that is, acknowledging they are your own reaction (based on your lens and experience) to the situation, and choosing to layer in your loving tenderness towards yourself and the others involved is key. You are filled with love, layered by your life experiences influenced by your intellect’s reaction and defense mechanism. Once you train yourself to bring down these walls, you are going to flourish!

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