Healing starts with your inner child!

I hope this blog helps bring healing to your inner child. It sure is helping me at this phase of my life. I usually write all my blogs from personal experience based on the many resources I read, watch and my own insights. Please reach out if you have any questions or place a comment below.

When we talk about healing ourselves, we talk about body and mind. And at the same time, we talk about the nondiscriminatory oneness of the body and mind as they are inseparable. Logically speaking, taking one out of the other is impossible without jeopardizing our own life or existence. Then, you can say, a healthy body will result in a healthy mind, and a healthy mind will result in a healthy body.

To have a healthy body can be physiologically possible by inputting the right nutrients and ingredients into your body. You eat and drink the proper foods that will ensure the health of your organs and try to remain active daily. And in some instances adapt your diet to what your body needs or the hereditary illnesses you might have.

To have a healthy mind you cannot separate your experiences based on the phases in your life as they are interdependent and related to one another. To heal and to have a complete understanding of yourself, you want to invite yourself to go to the most painful parts of your life and explore them. Exploring experiences in the past that have caused you to suffer is essential if you want to lead your life in the present moment from a place of happiness. Finding happiness from within yourself starts by going through your aches, pains and sorrows.

When you lead your life trying to wiggle yourself away from the “negative” or tough experiences that you have had in the past, especially in your childhood, you suppress these feelings generated by those experiences and in turn suppress the inner child in you. We all have an inner child, screaming to us adults to be seen, heard and acknowledged. Then, what happens when you keep ignoring your inner child? Ignoring your needs and feelings within that inner child of yours? Look at a random seven years old child next time you take a walk, or you’re in the supermarket or in a mall, notice their behavior when they’re being ignored by their parents. Your seven year olds within you can be the same and can influence your adult behavior greatly.

Where do you start?

Step 1- Start by acknowledging that you might have as an adult suppressed some feelings as a result of negative experiences as a child.

Step 2 – Once you have reached that acknowledgment phase with full understanding, start investigating the experience(s) one by one. What was the experience? How did it make you feel as a child? And what does the (You) child need from the (You) adult at this moment? It might be confirmation about the pain the child has gone through, it might be confirmation about the feelings, it might be comfort and soothing talk. And it might be giving yourself a hug.

Step 3 – Befriending your inner child is crucial for a happier adult. Becoming friends with your inner child that is part of you is an important pillar to lead your life from a place of joy and happiness. Checking in with your child regularly (daily, weekly) is important to bring attention to your inner child and give them confirmation that you are there for them. Loving your inner child is giving love to previously neglected areas in your life. Shining a light into the darker corners of your existence in its entirety is to invite your inner child to allow you to be together, find the pain points and their source and then you’ll be able to acknowledge them and deal with them.

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