Feelings of dissatisfaction in your life? Two methods to deal with them.

You can be either satisfied or dissatisfied with your work, life, relationship, family, friends, parents, school or any aspect of your life, yet, nothing seems to bring you to feel deeply satisfied with where you are currently in your life. Being unsatisfied with your life impacts your mood, so you become “grumpy” or look a little bit “mad” on the outside… then it might be worth investigating, what is really happening on the inside?

First method: learn to allow your feelings to exist.

Looking at your own bellybutton might be a way to explore your feelings, as simple as, “how am I feeling about my life right now?” Every feeling has the right to exist and manifest. It is Okay to allow your feelings materialize and acknowledge their existence. They have the right to belong, to you, as they are part of you. When you ignore or suppress those feelings, they don’t go away. They are piled up and pressured down in your subconscious mind until it’s full, and starts “leaking” to your conscious mind – some call it De-pressuring or depressing. Loving yourself by acknowledging your feelings of maybe dissatisfaction, disappointment, sadness or unhappiness and exploring the underlying reasons that are triggering these feelings, and then accepting your feelings, is one way to take care of your mental wellbeing and eventually figure out whether or not you are really dissatisfied with your life or it’s a projection and accumulation from a past traumatic experience.

Second method: embrace your feelings and pragmatism.

Some of us are more pragmatic than others. Being pragmatic and taking action, does mean that sometimes you forgo your feelings, put them aside for the moment and go into action mode. The downside of doing that is that life becomes too busy to acknowledge and embrace your feelings and always go into action mode. This becomes a numbing mechanism to avoid giving your feelings space and time to materialize, embrace and acknowledge them and then, put together an action plan. Sometimes, you might come up with a small change in your life, and sometimes a bigger change, but how do you feel about it? Taking a step back, acknowledging your feelings is essential for your wellbeing. Once you have done so, you can tap into the source of your dissatisfaction and maybe don’t find a reason for change or maybe find another way to revamp your life… everything is possible when you shine a light in the right place!

Bottom line: You notice that everything begins with acknowledgment of your feelings. Checking in with yourself in terms of “how am I feeling about this?” Or “how am I feeling about my life right now?”, is important if you want to embrace your whole self. Embracing your whole self, is self love. Self love consists of all your feelings, emotions, experiences, traumas, successes and failures, these are all part of you and they all deserve to be embraced, loved and cherished by you.

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