Fly fly as a bird. You are free!

You are free from your judgements, anger and hate. You are free from your greed, desires and anxiety. You are free from your irritation, sadness and wounds. You are free from your lust, agony and trauma. Fly as light as a feather blown by the soft summer breeze. Fly as heavy as a bird drifting on the warm wind. Leave your baggage behind, fly and begin anew. Fly as if you are born moments ago. Free from your experiences. Free from your crests and troughs. Free as a newborn, fly. Fly and don’t look back. Leave everything behind and fly. Feel the softness of yourself, the kindness of your soul, the gentle touch of your fingertips. Leave your worries behind and fly. Let your breath show you the world, worry-free. Dive in and out in your breath as you roam this world mindfully. And only when your ready, open your eyes again to start a bright new day, waiting for your smiles, your kindness and your gentle thoughts. It’s a brand new day to be yourself, to bring joy to yourself and those around you. Smile.

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