The journey of guilt

How many times have you taken actions, felt feelings, said words out of guilt? Guilt is one of the biggest “shame-ers” we have with ourselves. But where does guilt come from and how can you anticipate a spiral through the journey of guilt?

One thing for certain, (even though nothing is, for certain) you might not be able to stop the spiraling down in the journey of guilt but you might be able to acknowledge the spiral down and therefore take better care of yourself in a kinder, tender way than before.

Talking from self experience, I experienced guilt as a mind wrecking, nerve wrecking, all night awakening spiraling of thoughts, of voices saying “how could you even do that?, there is no going back now!, you’ve done this! Is this how you love?…” the journey down this road is bumpy and rough. It is very unpleasant. And I experienced other forms of guilt by over compensating in my behavior… deprioritizing my self, my wants and needs to please others. The fallout of all of this is tremendous. Sleepless nights, disfunction in health and body metabolism, lack concentration and so on… neglecting myself because I feel I didn’t deserve being taken care off… and so forth…

The trick is to acknowledge the process and allow it to take place without your deep immersing of your consciousness, unconsciously through the spiral. Acknowledging that guilt is present, I am taking these actions or having these thoughts because of guilt is a first step to shed a little light in your inner process. Once you shed a light and acknowledge “I am now feeling guilty because of 1,2,3” and “that’s why I’m doing this or over compensating with that” then, you automatically begin to tenderly and gently redirect your actions or ask yourself “is this what I really want to myself?”

Then, you might ask yourself while reading these words, isn’t this selfish? The answer is in these old wise words: When you take care of yourself, you instantly take care of the other. When you contemplate on this thought, you will find your way back to yourself and you will realize that until you find happiness within yourself and take care of your self, you are not making any favor to anyone around you. Happiness is right here and right now abundant to you from you.

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