Let me suffer alone! I am fine with it…

Sometimes, all there is, is the suffering. You don’t know what life without suffering can be. You don’t want the uncertainty of the unknown, that is, life without suffering. So, you would rather suffer than face the unknown. And you know what? This, is, a totally common reaction, because, as humans, we search all our lives for certainty and safety. If something feels unknown to us, we run away from it.

How do you know you suffer? Well, if you are unaware that you are suffering, then, you probably are. And if you’re aware you are suffering, that’s already a good first step. We all suffer independent from our age, gender, skin color, political opinions, wealth, marital status… our nature in its essence is the same, if one suffers, all suffer.

And here’s the hack, there is a way out of your suffering and it’s not really a hack but a clear way to relieve yourself (first) from your suffering and on that road, you relieve everyone around you.

How! How you might ask?! Well, begin acknowledging your suffering. What do you suffer from? What thoughts arise and how do you feel about these thoughts? Connect these thoughts with your inner child experiences, what similarities do these past experiences and present thoughts have? When you are busy with a thought, and it keeps circling and coming back, you might want to give it more attention independent of how unpleasantly you feel about it.

While you suffer, you don’t suffer alone. Everyone else around you, suffers as well. The vicious circle of suffering never ends for anyone. You have the opportunity to instigate a chain of positive change in your surrounding and it starts from inside you, outwards.

That’s the first step. Take that first step. Acknowledge you suffer and start gently and with much self love going through what makes you suffer, is your way out of your suffering! 🙏🏻

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