How do I raise the white flag 🏳️?

At any given point in your life, you always, have a choice to stop fighting. You have the choice to bring more light into your life. And, you have the choice to enable yourself to accept your reality, bring compassion to it first, and from there start gently subtle and loving change. Hey, but what does all of this mean? Good question!

Compassion as I learned over the past few months comes from understanding. Without understanding, there is no compassion. If you are passing through a difficult time, you want to understand what the situation is, from the different vantage points, assess why it’s there, what is happening, how is it taking place (from the different vantage points). If it involves family members, you want to put yourself in their shoes and understand “hey, how come that’s how they’re behaving?”. Asking this question with curiosity to understand, is important. This curiosity to understand, has to be genuine. By not putting yourself in the center of the situation, you detach from the subjectivity of your “self” and start looking at it from a very objective perspective. You bring understanding to the situation which ultimately, if you add in a little bit of love towards the other party, and realize that they too are suffering because of this situation, results in compassion. So, what does it mean to bring compassion to any situation?

Bringing compassion to a situation means that you have chosen to raise the white flag from within yourself because you chose not to fight every battle and fight that comes your way. Of course, you want to stand up for what is right for example, human rights, the environment (this I will cover in another blog)… but, the constant battle you have within you, the flow of emotions that manipulate your state of being, body, mind, and breath, can now rest and put on that fight flag on their front porch!

There is a watch out! There is a huge difference between raising your white flag as a result of a compassionate behavior or feeling indifferent. Being indifferent is totally the opposite of bringing understanding and compassion to your life. When you bring understanding and compassion to your life, you bring love to your life and the people around you. Your behavior changes immensely. You bring curiosity and genuine interest in other people’s state of being, to your own problems with others but also towards yourself and how you treats yourself. Indifference is the opposite of all of the above.

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