There are no easy fixes for your problems.

Here’s a thing, it hit me this afternoon as I’m sitting to have the last meal of the day: Whatever you’re passing through right now, (1) it will pass, (2) your reaction to your problems don’t instantly disappear just because you are on a personal development and mental health programs.

Forget about easy fixes and patched up solutions to traumas that are tens of years old. Those instant feel good approaches are only going to get your so far before you relapse. And even worse, sleeping pills, and other chemicals will give you temporary relief and sooner rather than later you will become dependent on these pills.

Developmental and gradual growth, however, will ensure that you are working on yourself and rebuilding the parts of you that were less developed than others as you were growing up due to the defense mechanisms that you had, traumatic reactions you had to the incidents you have passed through, or any other situation or incident that hindered your growth for a healthier adult.

I’ll leave you with that thought for now and wish you a nice evening!

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