When to worry?

Ever felt like you’re just going through extremes in your daily life? Your levels of happiness and content are swayed by external factors that take place during your daily life? Or, you have developed a certain way of thinking that is taking you to an extremity whatever that extremity might be? Maybe you want to worry a little bit.

From becoming overly cautious, to overly open, from living “off the grid” to living in the heart of it all, from happy to unhappy thoughts, overly stimulated sexual desires and activities to very little sexual desires and activities, overconsumption of food, media, intoxicants or underconsumption of food, underworking or overworking and the list can go on…

Extremes are developed subconsciously as a compensation to pain. Pain is felt as a symptom of sadness, unhappiness or trauma. Dig into that. Understand your self to further liberate yourself from your sadness, unhappiness and traumas.

Worry about your well-being. Your mental, physical and emotional. Investigate and be curious about things you do and behaviors you exhibit. That all leads to your liberation.

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