Liberate yourself from your opinions and views

As I resume writing my blogs, I want to initiate with this topic: Releasing yourself from your own opinions and views .

Some questions to begin with: What does it mean to indulged yourself in opinions and views about people, situations, circumstances (politics, economy, conspiracy theories…) you encounter in your life and how happy does it make you? What value does it bring to your presence and how do you show up to the community around you in such moments?

To start becoming aware of the opinions and views you have, about everything you encounter, you have to become aware of your thoughts. To become aware of your thoughts, you have to develop consciousnesses towards your own mind. To develop consciousness towards your own mind, you have to invest in yourself by sitting with yourself and your thoughts – be it meditation, mindfulness, psychotherapy or whatever will get you to that stage. To start investing in yourself, you have to realize 1- you deserve to be happy and not on the account of others 2- you and everyone else in this world needs help, because we are reliant on one another to become better human beings.

Then, you might want to investigate what insecurities you have as you lead your life. With insecurities comes fear, and with fear comes defense mechanisms that prevent you from opening up to the world. Insecurities are natural for us as human beings, however, we have been raised to avoid insecurities and search for security in our life, stability and solid ground. But, reality is, life is one big bundle of uncertainty and insecurity comes part of this bundle. Realizing that you are part of this uncertain and ever changing world, how can you survive in such a world if you were not raised to be part of that world? Even, yourself, you shed your cells every moment of your living, how can you remain the same person, after all?

Attachment to opinions and views are a safety net, an anchor that situations, circumstances and people are not changing. They are constant. And this is a false approach towards your life. What is true today, might not be tomorrow, what is certain at this moment, is uncertain at another moment. Your preferences might change as you age (you’re ever changing). And so will the people you base your opinions on for example in politics… they too, change.

Then, what is the purpose of having an opinion and a view and defending it, sticking to it and causing yourself and others that suffering?

You exist, and you are loved and valued with, and without your opinion and view. This is a fact. And, working on diluting your anxiety and fear of others (based on your previous experiences with others, these might be traumatic experiences in certain instances) will allow you to open your heart to the world, and lead your life from a place of Love (with a big L) and not with fear. As you lead your life from a place of Love, you become open to the world and those around you and those walls that you once needed in your life, you take them down one brick at a time and you allow the sun in on your lawn! Everybody is welcome there, and whatever happens, you will bring your loving kindness to it. Where pain is transformed to compassion through your open heart and joy to happiness.

There is no ultimate happiness in the form that you see in the movies. Instead, there is a complete surrendering to what is there, and what is going to happen, and your complete presence in the moment to deal with it. You are not in the past, nor are you in the future. You are here, right now. You are not scrolling your life away on social media to escape your suffering, but you are here, now, sitting with it, and allowing it to take place.

When you release yourself from your opinions and views, you are open to the world with a fresh mind. You can face mountains and be present as you hike these trails to the tops, and enjoy the sunrise in the early morning.

Try this exercise: Next time you find yourself defending an opinion or a view with another person, make an intention to become curious about their views and opinions, ask genuine questions out of curiosity and listen. Listen with a beginner’s mind, as if you don’t know anything about the topic. Ask more person questions and allow them put their feelings into their answers and listen with no intention to answer back or share your opinion. See what happens. See how with an open mind, you can liberate yourself from clinging onto thoughts that are unimportant to your happiness and well-being and other’s happiness and well-being.

I welcome questions and comments. Feel free to share your experiences. 🙏🏻

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