Who am I?

Well, I am a human being just like you. I have struggled with thoughts, feelings, emotions and like to think that I have found some ways which I can deal with some complex self-inflicted situations. By education, I am a digital communication professional and a Co-Active life coach (I do not take clients) and a mindfulness practitioner.

One of the most interesting books I read are related to the mind, our mental processes and Buddhism. Buddhism has studied the mind and its functions long before science has and from the look of it, they have nailed down the functions of the mind but also antidotes and figured out solutions or ways to create a breakthrough for a better, happier life.

This is a simple blog. I do not aim to complicate it with newsletters, notifications and the likes. If you find yourself interested, follow me here and you will see my posts and will mention there once I have new blogs placed here regularly.

I hope this blog helps bring light to darker corners within you and everyone who reads it.