Why do you feel you’re not worth it when you are as beautiful as a sunrise?

How often do you do things with the intention of taking care of yourself? How often do you take yourself for an ice cream? A night out? A grooming session at a salon? How often do you work on your personal (mental and emotional) development?

Investing in yourself is one of the ways where you indicate to yourself that you are worth investing in, you deserve to be taking care of yourself and you believe that “treating” yourself is totally “okay”.

What happens if you are not there just yet? What if you do not believe you deserve this? Of course, excuses come up such as: I am too busy, I have no time, my kids are a handful (and maybe rightfully so), I’m tired, my husband/wife/relationship is demanding… and the list goes on endlessly.

But have you looked yourself in the mirror and had an honest conversation? Really, honest conversation while looking yourself in the eye. What could be the hindrance of seeing your beauty that is constant whether you see it, or don’t. Inside out beauty that shines every single day onto the world?

Little steps. Little positive words towards yourself are all you need to start building a strong base for your self-worth again!

But, where does this lack of self-worth come from? (You might ask). Well, unhealed trauma can lead you to believe that you are not worth it. Not worth love, care, attention, from yourself to yourself but also from others towards yourself. Unhealed trauma can be incidents which took place in your childhood that have cause damage to how you relate to yourself. It might have been a punishing parent physical abuse, emotional manipulation and verbal abuse towards you by an adult or a so-called role model.

How do you start loving yourself again? Take that first step to look yourself in the mirror every morning, silently or out loud, give yourself a boost of positive words. Look at the beauty you hold within you, the accomplishments you have made in your life and the strides you have gone through of reaching that phase today! You deserve to be taken care by yourself. Because you simple shine every morning just like a sunrise!

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