You are worth it!

You are worth the effort to be loved, cherished, accepted and included. If you have experienced the feelings of rejection, hate, and anger or just indifference from your loved ones or those who you think should have loved you the most, it can have devastating impact on you today.

What can you do? You can start to learn how to accept yourself the way you are; realize that you are enough just as you are; remain truthful to your own self as you interact with the people around you (husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, colleagues, boss…).

What does that really mean? Become conscious of what story do you tell yourself in your mind. How you talk to yourself when you win and when you loose, when you thrive and when you make mistakes. Bring some tenderness to your self talk in less favorable outcomes. Look at how beautiful you are from inside and how sufficient you are for yourself, towards yourself. And, assess your relationships with others, how much do you adapt and go out of your character, preferences, likes and dislikes to accommodate others.

You want to reach a place after many failures and successes on this road where you cherish your body and mind. Where you’re aware of your patterns and traumas and acknowledge when there is an active pattern, bring love to it by saying something around the words “I accept this, and today I’m able to deal with it by showing how much I have love towards my self by being in this state of mind.” Try it, you won’t loose much.

You are beautiful and enough the way you are. There’s nothing to achieve or to prove to yourself or anyone else. 🙏🏻

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