I fell… and now what do I do? Heal my friend.

(Please excuse any typos. I usually type via my mobile on the go. 🙏🏻)

Congratulations!! You have allowed yourself to fall and abandoned the ongoing everlasting emergency mode you’ve been living in all your life. You have chosen to allow yourself to embrace your whole self, the strong parts of you, the weak parts of you (if you’d like to label them as such) You’ve started the journey of finding love for yourself.

When you fall, when you call sick to work, when you breakup with your partner, wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, because you’ve come to an understanding with yourself, there, is a chance for you to breakthrough the barriers that you’ve developed to survive at a certain period of time in your life. Today, as you are falling down, or maybe you had already fallen, the basic act of acknowledgment to yourself that you’ve chosen differently than the auto mode you’ve been going about all your life, is essential to be mindful of your process.

Take refuge in finding peace within yourself. Renovate and rejuvenate the relationship with your inner-child. Look at yourself in the eye (use a mirror) and talk to your inner-child. Or if this is very uncomfortable, sit and imagine your inner-child is sitting opposite to you or next to you, have a conversation with her/him. Check in with them and see how they are doing. How have they been doing.

Finding peace within yourself starts by renovating and healing your inner child. Overseeing this and trying to find a shortcut for your happiness is misleading. Acknowledging the pain of your inner child, the traumas, the insecurities and all that your inner child is feeling is your way to heal.

Your inner child is you, and you are your inner child. You are two inseparable entities that coexist in the here and now and are codependent on one another for existence. To make sure you are living a free life, free from agony, unneeded suffering for you and others, you want to ensure that both your inner child and adults are healing in this process. Start from the ground up.

Find your home within yourself. You are beautiful the way you are! 🙏🏻💙

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